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The enjoyment and fanning of the Pagan series by Catherine Jinks
Hey! Pagansfandom is a community for fans of the "Pagan" series by author Catherine Jinks. Catherine Jinks is an Australian author, living in New South Wales. She has written over 30 books for all ages. Enjoying a notable amount of success is her Pagan's series, comprising of Pagan's Crusade, Pagan in Exile, Pagan's Vows, Pagan's Scribe and Pagan's Daughter.

The first book in the series, Pagan's Crusade, details the life of young, 16-year-old squire Pagan Kidrouk, his misadventures, and his growing friendship with the knight he is assigned to serve, Lord Roland. The books have a strong historical context; the story revolves around the fight for Jerusalem.

As Catherine Jinks is not a widely known author, fans of books of hers other than the Pagan series are more than welcome here also.

Come on over & share fanfiction, fanart - indeed, fan-anything - or merely the enthusiasm for and love of the marvelous Pagan books.



1.Obviously enough, you have to have read a book of Catherine Jinks, or at least have something specific to say about it, or be interested in becoming a reader of it. As this is the only fandom relating to this author at the moment, discussion of other books by Catherine Jinks are, for the time being, permitted.

2. No bashing; I am serious about this one. People who dislike the books and come on the comm merely to bitch about them will be slaughtered personally. However to be a fan you do not need to like and love everything about the series. Structured arguments about specific things that could have been improved are, however allowed. Learn to tell the difference.

3. Fanfic, icons, etcetera, are of course encouraged! Let's build the fandom up a little!

4. USE TAGS. For example, when making an icon post, use the tag "icons", and similarly for fanfiction, "fanfic". Other specifications can be nice (such as "slash" or "PG-13") but not required.

5. Post a lot; post often! Even if it seems silly, anything tangently related to Catherine Jinks is welcome here.

6. Spelling. Punctuation. I am a pedantic and angry person. If you start posting things typd lik dis, I will hurt you.

Warning: There is and will be slash in this comm. Please do not bash it. This does not mean that friendship things, or straight romance is not allowed. In fact both are equally welcomed. But please remember that we all have different opinions.

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